A Honeymoon Registry

Twenty years from now, will you remember your toaster or a crock pot?

Wedding gift registries are no new thing.
Picking out the gifts you want to receive on your big day is actually one of the most enjoyable activities for couples, and while most people register at stores, you can now register for honeymoons.

Start your life together with a honeymoon experience you’ll never forget by having a Honeymoon Registry!

You’ll be giving your guests a convenient gift alternative to crock pots and salad spinners; and an opportunity to be a part of your honeymoon memories. Unlike most household items, memories last forever.

For example, a couple could break a honeymoon down into airfare, hotel expenses, activities and meals.
The couple would then alert guests that they have set up a honeymoon registry online, and guests can "buy" the couple a portion of their honeymoon, just as they would buy a gift.


How does a honeymoon registry work?

A honeymoon registry works like most gift registries except that instead of individually choosing dishes, toasters, and other household items, you are choosing pieces of a honeymoon.

Within the honeymoon are many components and activities that can represent individual gift items.

These things are itemized, just as in a traditional gift registry.


How do I create my Honeymoon Registry?

Select on the Honeymoon & Destination Icon to the on the top right hand side of the page, or click here.  

A Honeymoon Registry is one of the biggest trends in wedding gift registry, and can help a couple have a memorable honeymoon that they might not have otherwise been able to afford.

Any money received goes directly towards the couple for use on the vacation of their dreams.

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